Friday, May 22, 2009

Next target

My next target is to buying a new handphone Nokia N97.... It very cool and nice look..I can't waiting to have it already...but seem like it havent reach malaysia yet!!!
It have colour black and white, with 3.5 inch widescreen with 16:9 touch display. It have 32GB internal memory and up to 16GB memory slot(mircoSD) .
For entertainment, it have FM radio and TV-output support..Cool~~
HSPDA,WIFI,3G,GPRS,Bluetooth,USB port,Data Cable.....
It also a 5.0 megapixels camera phone with auto focus,GPS,Nokia map 2.0 and with other application word,excel,ppt and PDF viwer..
I like it so much, but i duno what cost with this phone.. sure very expensive means i will be pokai soon :( ....


  1. Very expensive right?
    Our interest is different,
    If i have enough money to buy N97,
    I prefer to spend it on food,
    Especially my favorite food,
    But cant tell you my favrite food...
    Because my 6th sense tells me it will be very 'siapai' zzz

  2. mayb lo...i can no spend so much money in eating to go buy thing.. haha