Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pain be in my life for long time...stil remember that time , it really make me feel uncomfortable,
like i am become a next person. In front of ppl, i will pretend i am very happy i my life, but in behind sometime  really think wan to suicide, what a such stupid thinking.... my life is full of painful and tear, i cant sleep very well,eat very well, live very well....
luckly i have a good fren , he always ask me to eat , bring me here and there..if not him, i duno what i am bcome last time. Really thank you so much!!!!!
Being time to time, the pain in my heart is slowly vanishing,when i saw back. I felt i really such a stupid ppl and luckly i no suicide that time, if not i duno i still have many thing never see and never try....Thanks GOd!! 


  1. Every single person in this world is facing the same problem.
    Fighting for their dreams, future and happiness by themselves,
    But they are not alone.
    Even crying lonely at somewhere else,
    But they are not alone.

    Please remember,
    No matter what happens,
    You will never be alone,
    Family and friends are always there for you.

  2. Is your 'him' = my 'him'?

  3. yaya, ho your him<>my him...

  4. Hahaha... finally got 1 post I understand geh... =P

  5. If your him = my him,
    You are very lucky,
    Because he is a very good guy :)

  6. haha.. but my him not same with ur him le...

  7. blur... what your him my him her him ho him?